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The Esco Frontier® Fume Hood are Tested and Certified for Safety

Esco is the world-leader when it comes to offering fume hood equipment that has international compliance to both the American ASHRAE 110- 1995 and European Standard EN14175. It also received Underwriters Laboratories, USA Classification under the fume hood standard UL 1805, for testing against fire, electrical and mechanical hazards. In addition, the base cabinets are also built and tested according to SEFA-8 recommended practices. This gives you the confidence that all Esco fume hoods are manufactured to provide maximum operator protection and safety.

American Standard ASHARE 110-1995

ASHRAE110-1995 (ANSI approved) is one of the most challenging standards in the world that tests the containment efficiency of a fume hood. The efficiency is derived from the fume hood’s ability to contain the released challenge gas under normal operation. The ASHRAE110-1995 test facility at Esco is constructed based on recommendation given by Invent-UK, a third party organization that certifies fume hoods. First published in 1985 and extensively revised in 1995, this standard employs a set of rigorous tests to evaluate hood performance such as: the flow visualization, the face velocity test, and the SF6 containment test.

Here in Esco, we are capable of conducting the complete ASHRAE110-1995 test in our laboratory.

Face Velocity Measurement Test

Tracer Gas (SF6) Containment Test

Flow Visualization Test

European Standard EN 14175

EN 14175 is a harmonized European standard which supercedes the former national standards of Germany, the UK and France. The EN14175 is comprised of a series of containment tests besides the normal face velocity tests. The containment test includes, the Inner Measurement Plane Test, Outer Measurement Plane Test and the Robustness of Containment Test. A key element of the standard is the robustness test, which simulates airflow disturbance in front of the hood.

The challenge gas which is released into the fume hood is 10% SF6 and 90% N2. A set of sampling probes is positioned at various predetermined locations to monitor SF6 escaping from the hood.

EN 14175 Certification

Inner Grid Test

Outer Grid Test

Robustness Test

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